Media Tech – Hot Trending Business You Don’t Want To Miss

Technology has brought great changes to the world, it disrupts many conventional businesses and revolutionizes many industries.  Adding technology to media, hence comes the term Media Tech.  Recent years, we can see the media industry evolving at a faster pace from conventional media business.  We believe that Media Tech businesses is currently ‘hot’ trending and have great potential in the next 5 years because of the following reasons:

  1. Technology simplifies the way content is delivered and make content more available. With Internet, content can be delivered to user in real time via electronic media. Almost everything can be found from Internet! Changes in recent years are such as, conventional printed media like newspaper and magazines are being replaced with digital media easily accessible via mobile device, advertisers are switching from conventional TV and radio towards Internet advertisement on Youtube, Facebook, Google Ads etc, for better reach at a lower cost.


  1. Faster bandwidth and Growing Internet users, where Mobile Internet is the main driver. According to statistics from International Telecomm Union from 2007 to 2016 (refer chart), mobile internet speed & bandwidth are improving, and the number of Internet users are also increasing every year.

  1. Huge potential to be tapped from Internet advertising. Annual Global Internet advertising expenditure exceeds USD 300 Billion. According to, a well-established compilation of digital statistics for online marketers, Mobile Internet advertising expenditure is expected to hit USD 199.55 Billion in 2019, growing from USD 19.2 Billion in 2013.  It’s truly a very large market and it’s still growing!

Fast growing businesses in trending industry such as Media Tech industry is definitely something to look out for, when finding good investment opportunity.

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