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Proptree Sdn Bhd is a company specialized in wealth building & investment. We educate and provide solutions to help our clients and investors to build their wealth using our proven methods and strategies, in order to achieve their financial goals within a shorter time frame.

Our core values in business are Integrity and Teamwork. Upholding highest level of integrity, we ensures that interest of our clients, Investors and business partners is always protected. Hence, building trust and long term business relationship in order to achieve greater success for all parties. By practicing Teamwork, we accelerates our progress to achieve bigger accomplishments.

Our Services

We provide comprehensive solutions in the following areas:

Wealth Building Solutions

We provide A-Z solution in wealth building, using our unique methods & strategies. We help individuals building their wealth starting from zero to multimillions worth of investment protfolio, achieving their financial goals in a shorter timeframe. We also help private fund managers to accelerate the growth of their funds.

Property Investment Solutions

Investment into properties in good location with good demand which provides a good appreciation and capital gain in longer term while giving steady rental income in short term. With our expertise, our clients can expand their investment portfolio relatively fast by properly leveraging on banking facilities.

Equity Investment Solutions

Investment into equity of fast growing companies and pre-IPO opportunities which provides above average returns on investment (ROI). We have very stringent selection criteria in selecting our investments, to ensure that the investment risk is always minimized.

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